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Fineone Mothers Special Mother' Day Breakfast

The Fineone-Hakupu Reading Group has been active for the last how many years now,starting at the Village Hall at Tuatea then shifted to the House behind the Pastors Residence. They have reading sessions on Wednesday evenings prior to the Boys and Girls Brigade activities.

This year, as part of their fund raising activities for more reading materials, they and their volunteer teachers, decided to put on a special breakfast for the Fineone Mothers on Mothers' Day. This was advertised on Hologa Fineone Page on Face Book, and was opened to all Fineone Mothers, be they reside in Hakupu or in other villages. This attracted our Fineone sisters and cousins from other villages to his special Breakfast.

Although the Power for the Village was due for some upgrade during the day, it did not change their programme. By 7.00a.m. all the group were ready in black uniforms, the tables and food ready to be served. Each table was allocated with a Waiter/Waitress, mothers were dressed to kill, as if they were going to a Restaurant. Like the Village Ekepule's wife and daughter that have their hairs specially done for this occasion. Mothers from other villages like Hon Joan Viliamu, Lucy Laufoli, daughter Higano Richards, daughter in law, Sisi Laufoli, Mrs Fama Tafea, Mrs Gaylene Tasmania, Miss Sisitama Tutogia, Mrs Semeta Sietu, Mrs Lisa Harding, Mrs Losa Sionetuato, were all excited to be included in this Special Breakfast - a first one for our Mothers in the Village.

The menu apart from the favourite scrambled eggs, baked beans/spaghetti/corn beef on toast, included local food, like pawpaw, ripe bananas, dried coconuts and niu tupu were spread across the table. The Fineone Mothers were really spoilt - so much so that they did not want to leave after the breakfast was over, There was a Massage Parlour organised by Jason Sakalia, who explained that it was for free but donations appreciated, as the proceeds will go toward the Cancer Society, The ladies sure made use of the service after the Breakfast.

Fakaue Lahi to the organisers, Kyria Togia, Rossy Misiepo, Mataline Lukitau and Patricia Tatui for this wonderful Breakfast and Jason for the extra service to raise fund for our Cancer society. Mothers really appreciated the efforts by the organisers and their children, so much so that the Fathers are wanting a repeat when the Fathers Day approach in September.

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