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Telecom Niue 4G Official Launch

Niue and our Niuean people. On behalf of the Telecom Niue Board of Directors; Peleni Talagi, Ian Fitzgerald and Avi Rubin, and also the Telecom Niue CEO Colin Talamahina and Brett Collier Telecom Niue 4G Project Manager thanks were extended to the Indian Government for providing the funds for the 4G project, the Government of Niue for the constant support and trust, Blue Arcus – the 4G network supplier, Alepo - the billing system provider and all of the Telecom Niue employees that work day and night to keep Niue connected. Telecom Niue also took this opportunity to thank their customers for their patience and trust in Telecom Niue to meet their connectivity needs. The public were also invited to attend the festivities and were provided with a free sausage sizzle and drinks served by the Telecom Niue team and some great launch day specials. What is 4G? 4G will essentially mean the public will have access to state-of-the-art fast Internet, using their laptops with wireless modems, smartphones and other mobile devices for connectivity, connecting them to the rest of the world. Your office can now be on Avatele Beach or at Hio Café. The world is moving very fast, getting closer and more connected and for Niue to be an active participant in that new world we need to be able to go just as fast. It means faster data speeds so that a Skype call, for instance, will no longer suffer from lags or delays in your conversation. Video streaming and conferencing means that a business people in Niue can talk to their suppliers around the world in real-time as if they were in the same room. In health, it will now be possible to have a Doctor in New Zealand diagnose a patient in Alofi over the Internet as if they were in the same room. In education, Niue can now have smart classrooms, remote classrooms, where a teacher can be in Fiji giving instruction to students in Alofi. The telecommunications speed goes hand in hand with the new education revolution to make Niue’s young people smarter. The road to the 4G Official Launch was not easy and Telecom Niue is still working on a few issues and constantly improving the services. Over the past 18 months Telecom Niue has built tall towers, got big antennas and hooked it all up and tested, tested and tested again. Telecom Niue are nearly there, the system is working and its very fast, and they are continuing to improve the service and working solutions for the areas with poor coverage. Despite having the best possible equipment, the Niuean trees were just too thick and too tall to let some of the Telecom Niue signals through, so they are putting up more towers and more antennas to address that issue. Telecom Niue were pleased to announce that since their soft launch just over two months ago they have had 484 customers sign up to 4G. Beyond 4G there is another exciting project with the Manatua Fibre Cable scheduled to reach Niue in mid-2020. The Manatua Fibre Cable will not only make the internet faster again but much cheaper as well. For more information about Telecom Niue 4G, phone compatibility, pricing and plans please visit

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