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Tau Manatu he Etitoa

“Niuean Celebrate Three Important Occasions in October 2018- Which one is most important?”


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Last weekend from 19 October to 22 October 2018, there were three most important occasions to remember, The Commemoration of 44 Years of Self Government, the Official Opening of the New Premises for Taoga Niue and lastly was the Remembrance of When the Gospel reached our Shores 172 Years Ago. There is no hesitation to say that the most important one is the arrival of The Gosbel to Niue 172 years ago.

The first one, the 44 Years of Self Government was celebrated together with the opening of the new premises for the Taoga Niue, at Halamahaga Grounds. This was where the official Flag Raising Ceremony was held. In previous years, the Flag Raising Ceremony was normally held in front of the FaleFono, or the Commercial Centre, the Alofi Village Green and the NHS Multipurpose Hall.
This Year however, was quite different, in that the Ceremony was held together with the opening of the Taoga Niue Building. Of a difference also, was the raising of only the Niue Flag, whereas in previous years both the NZ Flag and the Niue Flag were raised on this special occasion.

On Monday 22nd October, the commemoration of 172 Years since the introduction of the Gospel to the Island, marked Peniamina’s Day, where the members of the EkalesiaKerisiano Niue celebrated it at the Millenium Hall in Alofi.  Generally speaking ,these celebrations are equally important to the livelihood of the people on the Rock, but we cant deny the fact that The Lords Word always number one.
God Bless Niue Nukututaha.


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